New single: Watermark

It is a complex, and complicated set of emotions that are pushed into gear when we lose someone. Love becomes malleable, and memories slip from their chronological ordering. You realise that time cannot be simply measured from one day to the next, and everything's happening, all at once. If we really are the sum of the perception of others, then perhaps we can also add losing a part of ourselves that we'll never see again to the mixture of grief and celebration. Life doesn't stay the same, not for long any way.

However, I've opened at the end here. To understand the story behind this months release, the stunning 'Watermark', we really must go back to the start.

"I wrote Watermark in the mid 90's. That's at least a decade after Kate and I split, and fifteen years before we got back together. We had met at school and been together for about three years before it all came to an unpleasant end. It had been a typically tortuous teenage thing full of pleasure and pain. When we met again 27 years later it became clear that we had both always thought of losing each other as a source of great regret. Still, it was a huge shock to Kate when I played her the song. She told me that one day she was coming to see the band play an open air show. She was a bit late and as she walked down the street she could hear us playing it..She knew it was about her. It felt strange but very good. That's an 18 year old Kate on the cover of the single. It's kind of how I had remembered her when I was writing the song."

Andy Whitehouse | The Silver Darlings

To celebrate the release of 'Watermark' The Silver Darlings are throwing a launch party at the Heeley Institute, Friday 29th April. It's free entry on the door, and there are lots of wonderful surprises in store. Come a long and enjoy yourself with us.

Enjoy the music and thanks again for your support.

Here's a link to the single: